Do y’all remember the last time someone lost an election, and then went and gave them hell? David Crockett left Tennessee after losing an election, and came to Texas to help all of the people fighting for their freedom. He dropped politics, rode horseback to get to Texas and stood his ground. Fought for freedom all along knowing his demise. Pretty incredible. This is what makes us Texans. So many stood their ground to secure and settle this land. They did this for their families and for strangers that they never met. This is Texas Strong and it still runs through our blood. ❤️&?y’all! #texas #craftbeer #texashillcountry #beer #history

texascannonbrewing, profile pictureMay be an image of text that says 'You MAY ALL GO TO HELL, AND I WILL GO TO TEXAS. DAVID CROCKETT'